Russian Annual Breastfeeding Vodka Marathon Underway

MOSCOW - Russia - The annual Russian Breastfeeding Marathon got off to a 'boinking' start today with the participation of nearly 200 Russian mothers and their babies.

This years annual Russian Breastfeeding Vodka Marathon was held at an old Vodka distillery in Izmaylovo district, Moscow.

Russians are renowned for their Vodka drinking skills therefore it is no surprise that they wean their children on Vodka straight from the teats of the lovely Vodka drinking babushkas on display at the annual breastfeeding awareness festival.

Olga Pskovskaya, one of the ladies who has organised the festival told the Daily Squib about the many benefits young Russian infants can receive from being breastfed from a young age with the delights of milk infused Vodka.

“In Russia we introduce babies at a young age to Vodka, it is a tradition for many hundreds of years. We like Vodka very much so when mother’s breastfeed their baby they introduce the infants to the delights of our national drink. We very proud of our mothers and the babies all love the taste.”

Daily Squib reporter Eugene Fortnoy was then offered a sample of one of the Russian ladies’ breast milk and described the taste: “A heavenly taste, like a white Russian cocktail. I had a few sips of one of the young mothers breast milk and I was drunk as a skunk. No wonder Russian babies are so quiet, they’re usually wacked out of their heads on mothers milk. This stuff must be atleast 65% proof. I had to go lie down for an hour afterwards in my hotel room.”

Russia: International Breastfeeding marathon VIDEO “The global wave of breastfeeding” The goal: to convince all pregnant women that mother’s milk is the best that you can give an infant.


The Russian breastfeeding marathon is set to be a great success once again and will be held next year in St Petersburg.

Next years event will showcase over 700 breastfeeding Russian mothers and will hopefully increase awareness to other Russian mothers with regards to the benefits of breastfeeding.

“It is more natural for Russian mothers to feed their infants from the breast with Vodka than straight from the bottle. In recent years there has been a propensity to wean infants straight from the Vodka bottle bypassing the woman’s breast, this is not a good development and should be discouraged. Once the children are at three or four years old then they can go straight onto the bottle,” Ms Pskovskaya added.