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Former Soviet Spy Jeremy Corbyn Could Use Poison to Silence Critics...

LONDON - England - Terror experts have warned that former Soviet spy for Russia, Jeremy Corbyn (Agent Cob) could use poison on critics in parliament.

Superhuman Russian Olympic Athlete Seen Flying Over Rio De Janeiro

RIO DE JANEIRO - Brazil - Russian, Igor Benzedrinksi, the 24 year-old Heptathlon Olympic athlete was seen flying over the capital city yesterday after taking off from the ground during the 10,000 metre event.

American Economy Soars at Expense of Russia

MOSCOW - Russia - Sooner or later something is going to give, and you better have a state of the art nuclear bunker ready when Putin finally snaps.

Pawn Takes Knight Russia Bides Its Time

LONDON - England - A Report just in from the Global Terra Research Think Tank concerning the stand off between Russia and America.

Russian Android Fuelled By Vodka

MOSCOW - Russia - A Russian research team has built a mind transfer concept android which is fuelled by vodka.

2018 Russian World Cup Mascot Will be Vodka Bottle

MOSCOW - Russia - Vodka manufacturers were today hailing the decision to make the World Cup mascot a walking Vodka bottle.

Oprah Winfrey Uncovered as Russian Spy

CHICAGO - USA - American chat show host, Oprah Winfrey has been arrested on suspicion of being a Russian spy for over 30 years, the FBI has disclosed.

Russian Annual Breastfeeding Vodka Marathon Underway

MOSCOW - Russia - The annual Russian Breastfeeding Marathon got off to a 'boinking' start today with the participation of nearly 200 Russian mothers and their babies.

Russian General Talks to Daily Squib About Favourite Vodka

MOSCOW - Russia - General Anatoly Nogovitsyn, who is in charge of all the nuclear missiles in Russia as well as all strategic nuclear tactics, talks to the Daily Squib about his favourite Vodka tipple.

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