Adult Film Stars Outraged After Fully Clothed Photos Leaked

LOS ANGELES - USA - A group of female adult film stars are said to be outraged after photos of them wearing clothes were leaked online.


“I am outraged. This is a gross invasion of my privacy. The photos depict me fully clothed wearing an overcoat and jeans. The only part of me that showed flesh were my face, neck and hands,” the female adult star, who wished to remain anonymous, told LA Weekly.

Due to the nature of the incident, the FBI have been called out and police helicopters have been mobilised all across America.

FBI agent, Richard Cojone, had this to say to the hacker: “We’re mobilising our forces to get you. There’s nowhere to hide. We have sea, air, ground and satellite search squads zeroing in on your location right now.”

Anyone caught posting any of the leaked photos of clothed adult film stars is liable for immediate arrest and ten years in prison the FBI revealed in another press call today.