Ebola Tombola Raffle Big Hit in Africa

NGIRU - Sierra Leon - Ebola Tombola has become a big hit across the African continent and is so popular that it's spreading to the rest of the world.

The Ebola Tombola event at Ngiru town was eventful this year with many participants getting winning tickets.

Big Prizes

“I bought a ticket last year and didn’t win a thing, but this year I got a big prize, it’s called Ebola. I don’t know what that is because I’m illiterate but the medics are treating me real nice,” Aguro Mbeki, 45, said from his hospital bed in Freetown.

1st Prize: Ebola

2nd Prize: Ebola

3rd Prize: Ebola

No Winning Ticket: Ebola

Everyone’s a Winner

Many Ebola Tombola raffle winners are ecstatic with their prizes as it livens up their otherwise dull lives.

“You know, it’s like Russian Roulette, it’s exciting, puts a zing in your step. This Ebola Tombola event has got the whole population excited, so we thought why not bring it to the rest of the world? You can play on aeroplanes, airports and even in the customs checkpoint at the venue of your choosing,” event organiser, Ongogo Mellalologoogoo, from Sierra Leon told the BBC.

Coming to a quaint cucumber sandwich munching English country fair near you, Ebola Tombola, be sure to buy your tickets soon before they all run out.