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Eurovision Gay Olympics Contest Spectacle Finale

MALMO - Sweden - This year's Eurovision Gay Olympics Contest was proudly the gayest ever event witnessed on live European TV.

This year’s Eurovision Gay Olympics Contest has finally ended. This year’s competition was possibly the gayest event ever seen on live television, and was celebrated by Europeans everywhere for its gayness.

“Europe is now officially a completely homosexual continent thanks to the Eurovision Gay Olympics Contest where feminised pansies pranced around the stage and gays licked each other’s butt holes in fake shower scenes onstage all before 9pm so that Europe’s children could be indoctrinated into gayness as well. I am so proud of the EU and Europe for becoming a completely gay place where heterosexuality has been completely purged from sight,” Ursula von der Leyen, the 13th unelected president of the European Commission, commented on the gay night.

Fans of gay British pop artiste Olly Alexander were left ‘sobbing’ as he was seen in tears following his performance in the Eurovision Gay Olympics Contest grand final.

“We all love being gay and want to push that fact into everyone’s face. The Eurovision Gay Olympics Contest was a beautiful event and next year we want to make it even gayer with live public gay toilet scenes and even gayer costumes for the gay singers and gay audience,” the organiser of the event, Monsieur Felcheur told Euronews.

Everyone’s looking forward to an even gayer event next year.

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