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Brooklyn Beckham Cooked Meals are an Absolute Delight

LOS ANGELES - USA - Brooklyn Beckham is now selling his wonderfully expensive dishes in supermarkets.

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Nepotism is everywhere these days, and the celebrity offspring from Beckingham Palace, Brooklyn Beckham is another vile example of this sort of disgusting dalliance. Here we have an untalented dirty rich spoiled brat showing off the culinary delights some upmarket PR firm has concocted for him to parrot.

“Mummy and daddy paid the PR firm to hire a cook to try and make me copy what he cooked. All I can say is I tried,” the putrid little fuckstickle revealed in a recent tabloid spread.

Brooklyn Beckham is now selling ready meals in supermarkets at 10 to 15 quid a pot. Fancy some fancy pieces of processed cabbage dipped in a vomitus chemical laden sauce, that’ll be 15 pounds sir, fancy a Brooklyn Beckham stodgy processed curry with a piece of cardboard naan bread that’ll be 20 pounds madam.

If anyone buys this shit, they are either mentally ill or in need of a serious lobotomy. Do not furnish this cunt’s already overflowing bank account with even more money especially when the monstrous seeping gape hole doesn’t need any more money because his dad gives him millions per month anyway.

Broccoli dipped in what tastes like a tramp’s underpant puss comes in at a lofty £15, and it is preferable for a person to die a painful slow death burned alive at the stake than eat that horrid shit.

The celebrity Nepo offspring that the Beckhams have foisted upon the world are an actual weapon, they are filthy merchants of the grossest form of celebrity corruption and undeserved privilege. If this Brooklyn sphincter possesses a single talent, it is invariably in his vacant stare and gormless look — the kind of look that makes you want to smack him very hard with a baseball bat.

Do not buy his food…

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  1. I am not sure if Brooklyn Beckham deserves such a seething article like this one even though everytime I see his face I start hitting things.


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