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What Happens When You Are Called Up For National Service?

LONDON - England - We outline what will happen if you are called up for national service and the intricacies of war against Russia.

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Russia is on the warpath and is not going to stop, despite all the Western politicians with their heads firmly lodged in the sand. The people who are appeasing Putin like Macron and other European leaders are already defeated by Russia’s aggressive stance and are useless pawns in a deadly game of chess played by Grandmaster Putin, they are of no worth to anyone apart from Russia. National service is coming.

The Ukraine war has shown that every country needs armed forces and a constant flow of recruits as well as arms. Unfortunately for Ukraine, it has not built up a sufficient military infrastructure or equipment and relies on the Western NATO forces to arm their troops. The average age of soldiers at the front is currently 43 and the Ukrainian military is desperate for younger recruits.

Britain is in a very similar quandary as Ukraine, as our armed forces are severely depleted and miniscule military spending over decades by successive governments has left the entire defence force wanting. It needs new recruits, and it needs more funding to meet the increasing threats from Russia, China, N. Korea and Iran. It may already be too late, as the war drums wait for no one.

Putin, much like Hitler, will not stop at Ukraine, and if he is not repelled he will go through Europe like a knife through butter. When it comes to war, it is best not to leave it to the French, who will most probably surrender at the first shot being fired. Furthermore, Macron makes daily phone calls to his friend Putin, and is an unreliable leader to deal with regarding the defence of Europe.

Woke demoralisation

The unfortunate factor in all of this is that Generation X as a group of people are mostly incompatible with military duties, as many of them have been pacified and wokified over years of indoctrination.

The woke movement has been utilised against Western nations as a destabilising, demoralising element, and it has worked wonders. Enemies of the West infiltrated and indoctrinated many people so that the rot could expand from within.

Former defence minister Tobias Ellwood recently revealed Britain was not equipped to deal with “what is coming over the horizon”.

Mr Ellwood said that following decades of post-Cold War peace there was a growing sense that authoritarian states could “exploit our timidity, perhaps our reluctance to really put fires out” – pointing to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Subsequently, the head of the British Army, General Sir Patrick Sanders, has also revealed that under its current state the UK would not be prepared in the event of a war.

The numbers do not add up

More than 16,000 military personnel left last year, and the intake was only 12,000. Regular UK personnel are currently at 139,000 whilst trained reserves are at a pitiful 29,930.

The 2021 census revealed that in England and Wales there were a total of 1.85 million veterans.

In their terms of service and during their attestation, recruits are told: “If you fail to report at the time and place as specified in the notice calling you out for permanent service without leave of absence, sickness or other reasonable excuse, you will render yourself liable to arrest and prosecution.”

Current serving personnel are also told they “may lose your entitlement to discharge or be required to extend your service” while an order is in place.

Britain last called out its regular reserve during the initial stages of the Gulf War and during the Covid-19 pandemic, where the specialist skills of those who had recently left were required.

Current policy is not to recall those over the age of 55. However, it can be higher for some people.

Once served with a call-out notice, veterans are also to be informed that on acceptance into service they become subject to Service Law once again.

RAF officers who served on a permanent commission and who have completed their service are designated as Retired List officers.

Their liability to recall continues to the age of 60 for officers up to the rank of OF5 and in the case of RAF air officers to the age of 65 for 1- and 2- star ranks, and to the age 67 for 3- and 4-star ranks.

Former Naval other ranks, Army other ranks and RAF personnel who are in receipt of a military pension are designated as service pensioners. Such pensioners are subject to recall up to the age of 60 or for Home Defence Service, and there is no limit on the length of service that may be required after recall.

During WW2, those who could not be sent to the front because of their age or health conditions formed the Home Guard and were tasked with protecting Britain from German invasion.

Unlike the volunteer Army Reserve, regular reservists do not conduct military training after leaving the Armed Forces and do not have a uniform at home.

Instead, they are retained by name on the MOD’s database. Those who have retired from the military and now living abroad are still liable for reserve service.

The truth is that even with military veterans recalled for duty, the numbers still do not add up because it is inevitable that during a conflict there will be many casualties and deaths.

This is why it will also be necessary to reintroduce compulsory conscription for all fighting age men in the UK when the time comes. The moment to prepare is now, because war does not stop for anyone, and the front lines of Ukraine are just the beginning. We must also consider the Middle East escalation, Iran and its proxies, as well as China and its aspirations in the South China Sea.

Now is the time, or forever be forgotten.

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  1. Soon all NATO countries will have to call up men and women. I am lucky I will not be called up because I am old now but if I was younger I would have fought for my country. Blessings to you all!


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