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New Star Wars Character Rashee Sanook Unveiled

MOS ESPA - Tatooine - The makers of the latest Star Wars film have unveiled one of the new featured characters to the film franchise.

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Joe Biden apparently collaborated with the Star Wars producers and director to create a new character for the upcoming film. The character is called Rashee Sanook and will be a feature character in the latest Disney woke extravaganza.

Star Wars reveal

“We got the idea for the character’s name while invited for a curry at the White House with Joe Biden. As I was eating my chapati and vindaloo, Biden was talking about some dude in the UK. He said the name ‘Rashee Sanook’ and immediately a bulb went off in my head. We were looking for a character name all day, and it took a senile old corrupt creepy fool like Biden to come up with it. I chomped down on another onion bhaji and as the grease made its way down my chin I had the biggest fuckin’ smile on my face,” Star Wars director, Jeb Steingelt revealed to Hollywood Week magazine.

Star Wars fans were going wild at the new character reveal prior to the new film release in 2024.

“Oh man, this new Star Wars character really hit me. I especially love his greasy hair, and his red bud spot in the middle of his forehead. According to the data Rashee Sanook hails from the Gupta system but now lives in Mos Espa peddling lies to the residents for big sums of money. He serves the Empire and answers directly to Darth Bawbag on the Death Star.”

The latest putrid woke soulless Disney Star Wars film will be revealed in 2024.

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