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Jews Step In: Why It’s Over For J.K. Rowling

GRINGOTTS - Diagon Alley - Oh dear! It seems J.K. Rowling has now appeared on the anti-Semitic radar by some commentators to add to her cancelled status.


This is a very dangerous subject, and we cannot say much here, however when the Jews step in to a subject and perceive it as anti-Semitic, then the game is over for that person, however famous they are. Unfortunately, Rowling has now brought upon the wrath of celebrity Jews like the much revered Jon Stewart, who labels himself as a comedian. Why Jon Stewart did not say anything 11 years ago when the film Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was released is possibly because there was no witch hunt for Rowling then. Things have obviously changed, as the poor author has now been hounded out of her own projects, and treated like a pariah simply for having her own opinion about the transgender topic. These days, having an opinion about anything that is contrary to the given echo chamber agenda is a truly dangerous business.

Jews may only make 15.2 million of the global population, but their voice and influence resonates with a particular strength that cannot be ignored. J.K. Rowling is possibly the Goyim who bit off more than she can chew, and will now be put back in her place. Would Larry David be bothered by this shit? Probably not, it takes a lot more than a few fucking goblins to bother Larry, maybe a semen covered blanket at a laundrette attended by a busty gezinta who is gagging for it would pique his interest levels, but Goblins? Nah!

The question is now, what will happen to the Harry Potter movies since the author has been pilloried on so many levels? Which other group will be wheeled out to label her work or words as offensive? The saddest part of this whole affair is that Rowling works with past cultures/lore in Medieval periods mixed with other modern periods, but many Americans do not really understand history because they have little understanding of other periods. What is the root of the word ‘jeweller’? No one would dare ask that question. The Jews had a terrible time in Middle Ages Europe, in fact one could extend the terrible times right up to ww2, and it was only post-war that things got better for the Jewish diaspora in Europe and the rest of the world. Are we even allowed to discuss these things anymore? There are so many questions that need to be answered, but we dare not ask them. Why not cancel everything now? Cancel everything before anyone is remotely offended by anything. However, is not being offended part of the human condition? Can we not be offended and leave things as they are because offense is a form of feeling, a form of narrative? Some literary forms revel on offense and push it at every opportunity. This is not allowed today, because offense is now a root to cancellation, as dear old J.K. Rowling is finding out for herself. One could presume the Harry Potter author did not actively try to be offensive, but was caught on the wrong foot, but her opinion is her opinion therefore it should be respected, but freedom of expression and opinion is not respected these days, therefore she has been cancelled.

What does Watto have to say about all of this?

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