Brexit Punishment No. 35476: Stasi EU Censors Want to Erase All UK Streaming Content

BRUSSELS - Belgium - Petty EU censor officials want all UK streaming broadcasts to be erased from Europe as a form of Brexit punishment.

EU-President-censor uk
"Ve vill forcen you to only vatch EU shows!"

A new EU directive under Stasi EU media control will ban the broadcast of British-made television and films in revenge for Brexit.

Gestapo EU Officials declared the UK presents a threat to the “promotion of European works and cultural diversity” within the Soviet fascist authoritarian bloc.

“Nein! Zere vill be nein Blackadder, nein Peaky Blinders, nein Fawlty Towers, nein Britisher schwein shows. And if you don’t like it? Eins, zwei, eins,zwei, eins, zwei!”