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What Children From 1966 Predicted About 2000s

LONDON - England - A video from 1966 gives an interesting insight of children predicting what would happen in the 2000s.


It goes without saying that British school children in 1966 spoke with more intelligence/articulation and with far superior elocution than most adults do today in 2021.

As for their predictions of the year 2000 onwards, some are right on the mark, some outlandish but most are very close to the mark.

We do have a terrible problem of overpopulation and depleting finite resources as many of the children predicted, but we’re still not living under the sea yet, as one girl suggested.

As of today, there has not been an all out global nuclear meltdown, and the children’s fears at the time must have been amplified by the Cold War news headlines. Of course, all hell could break loose at any time in the future either with Iran, N. Korea, China or Russia starting a nuclear war, but we shall get to that problem when it arises.

Automation and robotics are taking away jobs, and it will get worse as more technology takes over human roles. What to do with the humans out of work is a huge problem as predicted by one very articulate child at 1:27 of the video?

Factory farming is very much a reality today, as many animals live their entire lives up to slaughter in big sheds never being allowed to roam freely in fields.

Global poverty caused by overbreeding is threatening earth’s finite resources and will also eventually lead to global conflict.

In the 2000s, we now live in a terribly overpopulated polluted world that could break into global conflict at any time.

No one in the video however predicted a viral pandemic like the Covid-19 virus that came from Wuhan, China.

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