Celebrities: If You Value Your Career Do Not Have an Opinion on Social Media

HOLLYWOOD - USA - It's a sad day for Mandalorian fans, and of Gina Carano who has been cancelled, unfortunately because of her own stupidity.

marxist woke npc thoughtcrime social media

As another head rolls, this time that of the Mandalorian’s Gina Carano, we cannot emphasise this enough, under the current climate of Marxist Wokism, speaking your mind is truly dangerous.

Marxism is a very powerful anti-democratic, anti-free speech ideology, and it has been adopted by and infiltrated all media/universities/government/schools in the West. Pushed by China, and the CCP, demoralization of many Western nations is now complete.

People are now clamouring for more totalitarianism and censorship, because they have been programmed to do so over decades of indoctrination.

You have been taught to hate your own skin colour, to bow down and kneel for hating yourself, to hate your own heritage/history/biology. Men have been mentally castrated, emasculated to detest their own biological makeup.

When George Orwell wrote 1984, he never envisaged such a horrendous totalitarian control system unfold as the Woke Marxist Thoughtcrime internet that has taken shape now.


How does one escape this horrid dystopian nightmare echo chamber, as the NPC mobs all bleat like sheep at their prison masters, so some other poor fucker is banned or loses their livelihood?

Celebrities/actors/actresses/authors or whatever you are, be warned, never speak your mind on the internet. Listen to your goddamn agents for fuck’s sake. If you value your career keep your comments to those of banality, and you will be okay, or better still delete your social media account altogether for real assurance.

We’re really going to miss Gina in the Mandalorian, she is a fine woman, and can kick our asses at the Squib any day.

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