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No Shit: Trusted and Vetted FBI Agent Led the U.S. Capitol Riot

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Apparently, an undercover FBI agent masquerading as a leader of a far-right militia led many people into the Capitol building on January 6th.

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Absolutely no surprises there, the main leader of the Capitol Riots which involved storming of the Capitol building was led by an FBI agent working undercover as a MAGA supporter.

The leader of the far-right Oath Keepers militia group, Thomas Caldwell has been working for the FBI since 1979, and is an integral part of the FBI agency. His role over many years was to infiltrate the Oath Keepers group, and on January 6th, he led many unsuspecting innocent MAGA people into the building.

The fact that the guards lowered barriers to let everyone in to the building and even posed for selfies with the supposedly ‘violent’ protesters is neither here nor there. According to the Democrats this peaceful protest led by ANTIFA and BLM operatives, as well as the FBI are grounds to impeach Donald J. Trump and come down on peaceful protesters hard, likening them to ‘domestic terrorists’.

It’s a perfect excuse to demonize American patriots

Yes, it is true many gullible people were led astray that day by trained FBI insider agents, and ANTIFA/BLM agent provocateurs but the Democrats are making themselves out to be victims in something they themselves provoked and engineered.

Some within the Democrat Party apparatus are even leaving the party itself, disgusted by bigotry and violence. CIA operatives, formerly aligned with Democrats are included in this mass exodus.


Charging undercover FBI agents for doing their job seems a little tough, but when everything in America is topsy-turvy anything is possible these days.

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