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Celebrity Pregnancies Fuelling Celebrity Population

LOS ANGELES - USA - There are so many celebrity pregnancies these days that the celebrity populations are getting seriously overcrowded, entertainment experts have warned.

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It’s the same process, every few minutes there is another celebrity baby, the photos are then plastered all over the media, the baby bump recovery time is marvelled at and then another celebrity offspring graces the media for the rest of their lives and unfortunately yours too.

“We have so many celebrity babies now that the celebrity populations are getting overloaded. Celebrity baby fights are now commonplace as celebrities vie for attention. In the old days stars would rarely breed, that is if they lived for enough time to do the dirty deed, but now they’re breeding like crazy and there’s so many of them there’s no room left,” celebrity expert, Jocelyn Wildenbrantz, told Hollywood Week.

With celebrity births, there is also a huge industry for celebrity photos for the fawning audiences although now that there is such a surplus of celebrity, prices have dropped dramatically.

“You used to get a lot of payoffs for the celebrity baby money shot, but now, it’s like here have a few bucks, next one comes along. These celebrities come a dime a dozen but they still think they’re important,” a celebrity photo agency owner, Guido Mulrones, told TMX celeb site.

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