Will the Royal Baby have Windsor Teeth?

WINDSOR - England - Royal watchers are all speculating about the wonderful news that Kate Middleton is to give birth soon and what kind of teeth the baby will have.

“It is customary that all Windsors have the teeth to match i.e. big gnashers, pearly white chompers fit for gulping large amounts of foie gras and venison,” Ernest B. Cecilmear, a royal watcher for ITV news revealed on Monday.

Another royal correspondent for the BBC this time, said: “As long as the baby’s not ginger, then I think everything should be alright.”

All over the world people have been delighted with the news of a new royal baby on the way.

“It cheers people up innit. Now we’ve got the major task of guessing what the royal baby’s name will be? Franz, Adolf or Jurgen? I’m sure there are a lot of names to choose from the Fatherland,” Julius Mendelson, a butcher from Slough told the BBC today.

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