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Millions of Britons Mourn Death of Ceefax

LONDON - England - Millions of Britons were today mourning the passing of a great national institution -- Ceefax.

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The revolutionary teletext service was finally switched off today and had been going since 1974.

“It was a bit like the internet but you’d have to wait for bloomin’ ages to get to the page you wanted. I look back with fondness at wanting to see page 8 when it was at page 9 out of 46. Or how about when you couldn’t get a good reception and everything would get garbled?” Lawrence Battledent, a Ceefax enthusiast told BBC news today.

Another Ceefax enthusiast recalled: “Even when the internet came along with its swish graphics and instant clicks, I would still go onto Ceefax to watch those pixelated lego graphics and read the news on it or check if my numbers ever came up on the lotto. Of course, they never did but never mind eh.”

RIP Ceefax at least you were better loved than that other BBC creation Jimmy Savile.

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