Seventies Girl: “Saint Jimmy Savile Fixed it For Me to Meet Gary Glitter”

DUNCROFT - England - BBC personality Jimmy Savile was such a saint that he fixed it for a twelve year old girl to meet pop star Gary Glitter in the seventies, new revelations reveal.

In between bouts of raping underage girls and molesting them in orphanages, the BBC star was encouraged to carry on his show ‘Jim’ll Fix It’ by the BBC.

“Owz about that then?”

Pauline Dimmock, who was 12 in 1974 was ecstatic to be on the Jim’ll Fix It show where Savile would grant a wish to the participants of the children’s show.

“First Jim Fixed me, then Gary Fixed me, all the while the BBC turned a blind eye to what they were doing,” a distraught Ms Dimmock, told the Daily Mail.

“The next day I saw the Queen giving him an O.B.E and all the other medals,” Ms. Dimmock added.

Sir Jimmy Savile, who died in 2011 was buried as a hero of the British people for his work in charity, and yet many who were touched by the monster know very well of the horror he doled out to thousands of children.

“He was laughing all the way to his grave, protected by the BBC and funded by the TV License, his evil lascivious exploits swept under the carpet of time, as the victims have to live the rest of their lives broken and tortured by the memories of his abuse. Rest in peace Jimmy Savile, or as the BBC calls him, Saint Jimmy. The cowards only dared bring to light the full horror of Savile’s crimes until after his death,” an ex TV license payer told BBC’s Newsnight last night.

Meanwhile, the Catholic church, after hearing of the new revelations, have declared to posthumously saint Jimmy Savile with a Beatification ceremony as a prime example of how their religion works.