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Next Round of Simon Cowell Creations Hits Music Charts This Week

LONDON - England - Not content with polluting the world's entertainment industry with his awful creations, Simon Cowell assaults the music charts week in week out with even more crap.

“It’s the same old shit for you week in week out for the next thirty or forty years,” pop svengali Cowell has told a Music Biz event honouring his fifteen years of audio assault on music.

The Music Biz has been reduced to X-Factor people polluting the airwaves at all times of the day, and just when you think it is all over, more come in an endless stream of banal un-musical murder violating every pore in your being.

“It is not bad enough that these people have little or no talent, or that they are simply doing a mediocre karaoke act, it is the fact that these people have not one iota of originality, creative spirit or rock star verve. They should be strung out on heroin in a corner with blood coming out of their noses strumming on a f*cking guitar. Now that is art. That is music. That is pure creativity. Not some sterile corporate autotuned vocoder monkey pawn shameful regurgitated detritous,” a destitute musician told Melody Maker magazine.

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