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Obama Approval Rating May Need Another Bin Laden Shooting

WASHINGTON DC - USA - The Pentagon is planning another Osama Bin Laden shooting because of Obama's appalling approval ratings recently.

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“We’re going to have to fish Osama out of the water and shoot him again so that Obama can get another approval rating boost,” senior covert military strategist, Rudi Fenelatez, told Fox news today.

The last Bin Laden shooting saw a little poll rise for Obama but the lack of a death photo was a slight dampener on proceedings.

“This time we need to release the photos and they got to be believable like Saddam and Ghaddafi’s pics were. It’s only then that Obama’s ratings will hit the roof. He could even win the election just on that,” Obama’s chief US election campaigner revealed at a White House press conference.

cartoon: Hajo de Reijger

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