Jimmy Carr to Present New Reality Show 'Jersey Off-Shore'

ST HELIER - Jersey - Celebrity TV host, Jimmy Carr, is set to present and star in a new reality show that is set to become a huge hit with audiences across Britain.

“The basic premise of the new reality show series that Jimmy will be presenting is one of taking loads of cash from people in the UK mainland, then stashing it all in a place somewhere on the island of Jersey. Naturally, the person who is not caught by the tax man wins the reality show,” series producer for Endemol, Robert Anus, told the Sun.

Mr Carr will not only star in the show but present it as well.

“It will be me and a number of celebrities, including the tax cheats from boy band Take That on the island with our loot. I’ve got so much money that I will be pulling all my cash behind my Aston Martin Vantage which will be pulling a large truck carriage. I hope there are no large gusts of wind so that I lose a bit of the money, I don’t think I could live with that. I’ve even enrolled my dad to come along, the vile shit, he can pick up the pennies if they fall off the carriage,” Jimmy Carr said from his Oxfordshire mansion, worth £9.8 million.

Prime minister, David Cameron said that he would be looking forward to watching Carr in the new reality show, and it would give him more pleasure when he plants even more tax inspectors onto the ‘cu*t’.