New Pete Doherty Fashion Collection Huge Hit

LONDON - England - Troubled musician Peter Doherty's new fashion range to hit stores this week after he is released from prison again from a drug related sentence.

Pete Doherty is branching out into fashion and his collaboration with Parisian designer François Demerde, has caused delight amongst fashionistas and cool people.

“Working with Pete Doherty is a great misadventure. Every creation is soaked in urine, faeces and we even meticulously squirt HIV positive blood onto the clothes from an infected hypodermic needle used by Doherty himself. The clothes are stitched, then ripped up, then left to ferment for months in an alleyway somewhere in Bethnal Green. He is a passionate and creative piss artist, but creativity can also sometimes lead to complications. This is why it takes so long to create the Doherty inspired clothes. We want these fabulous creations to be authentic samples of Doherty’s life, his loves, and his pukes. C’est magnifique, n’est pas?” said Monsieur Demerde, when Doherty was sent to prison last week.

The range, which caters to both men and women, is inspired by the second hand shops and soup kitchens of London’s East End, and Doherty’s own hand me downs from tramps. Highlights for men include a beige panama and brown felt hat splattered with urine, blood and freeze dried vomit chunks designed in collaboration with Doherty’s flat mate, Angus Needles, and was recovered from under a smelly bloodstained mouldy mattress in Doherty’s rented London flat.

For women, a blue dress with crusty white marks over the back and a Victorian-style blouse are all adorned with razor blades and heroin spoons – stamping Doherty’s love of drugs across the collection.

And this being Monsieur Demerde after all, who better than model Irene Smacker, Doherty’s on-again, off-again lover to model the women’s line. That is if she is alive by the time the collection is released in a few days time.

“I don’t have the time or inclination to become a fully fledged heroin and crack addict, therefore, when I come back from my accountancy job every day I slip into a Doherty creation and boom, I’m hip and cool. It’s like an instant fix for me,” Giles Hetherington, 34, told Fashion TV.

Peter Doherty’s new collection is due to hit stores on Friday, March 15.