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Fans Celebrate the Amazing Reality That Pete Doherty is Still Alive

PARIS - France - NME darling, Peter Doherty is still alive, as news filters in that he has been arrested twice in three days, much to the delight of his fans.

New Pete Doherty Fashion Collection Huge Hit

LONDON - England - Troubled musician Peter Doherty's new fashion range to hit stores this week after he is released from prison again from a drug related sentence.

Pete Doherty Becomes Barrister

LONDON - England - Singer Pete Doherty has passed his Bar exam and is now allowed to practice as a working barrister, his agent has disclosed.

Church of Scatology to Save Pete Doherty

LONDON - England - Drug addict Pete Doherty is to join the Church of Scatology and be personally tutored by American actor Tom Cruise who will cure him of his drug addictions.

Pete Doherty Revealed to be a Fraud

WILTSHIRE - England - Pete Doherty has been uncovered as a fraud by the Daily Squib. The pop singer, who has been masquerading as a drug addict and junkie, has been discovered to be hiding a terrible secret.

Doherty Honoured by Queen at Buckingham Palace

LONDON - England - Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II honoured Pete Doherty with an MBE for his services to drug taking and avoiding arrest this afternoon.

Doherty Glad to be Back in Prison

LEYHILL PRISON - England - Pete Doherty is back in jail today. He is glad to be back in the UK prison system and proclaims the crack cocaine and heroin is actually much purer than the street.

Pete Doherty Angry over Winehouse Media Blitz

LONDON - England - Pete Doherty is angry and alone as he spits with venom the words of the newspapers that have now abandoned him.

Pete Doherty Not Arrested

London, England - Pete Doherty the infamous drug fiend and hell-raiser has not been arrested in three days. This is the longest period he has not been in trouble with the law.

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