Pete Doherty Angry over Winehouse Media Blitz

LONDON - England - Pete Doherty is angry and alone as he spits with venom the words of the newspapers that have now abandoned him.

There was a day when every newspaper held the name of the illustrious Pete Doherty. He would either be up there for his latest drug bust, his latest court appearance or his latest washed up model girlfriend.

Not a day has gone by within the last year where a newspaper or media outlet has not discussed his crack taking or heroin addiction.

That is of course until ‘that’ Winehouse woman came on the block.

Now she is the one who the papers write about. Her addictions and Bellatrix Le Strange looks have fascinated the tabloids much to the chagrin of Doherty who has been left with less column inches than Cliff Richard as of late.

Doherty is weeping into his ‘stash’ as he stabs his collapsed vein over and over again because this time there are no cameras or photographers to witness his ‘talented drug show’.


These two have many things in common however much they detest each other.

They are both not known for their ‘music’ but for their dishevelled druggy looks and self-destructive drug taking.

Winehouse, who cannot sing but howls in a pseudo-r’n’b wail with a brass band on stage and a manky birds nest rotting on her scalp, has been hailed by what is known as the ‘music biz’ today – as the ‘next big thing’.

Doherty, who is only able to play four chords on his guitar and mumble incoherently over the noise, was once hailed as the next musical poet. However, this was knocked firmly on its head by him rarely turning up to perform and by being constantly arrested by the fuzz.


Pete Doherty in his heyday, now he’s just another washed up junkie with no talent or news coverage


Now that Amy Winehouse is the new darling of the press, what is left for Doherty? We suspect he will still feel compelled to inject his arms with heroin and smoke crack rocks, albeit this time without the cameras.

Doherty’s people may have to engineer a re-union with Kate soon enough to increase his profile. There are already whisperings of clandestine meetings where the media operation is being planned.

Hunter S Thompson said it best: The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There’s also a negative side”.

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