Pete Doherty Becomes Barrister

LONDON - England - Singer Pete Doherty has passed his Bar exam and is now allowed to practice as a working barrister, his agent has disclosed.

“He was sick of having to hire people to do something he was highly proficient at — i.e. blagging his way out of the nick. He’s in and out of jail sometimes three or four times a week and it was costing him a fortune in representational fees, so now he just does it all himself,” Jane Feilding, Doherty’s agent, told the NME.

Doherty passed the bar exam last week after three years of study and attended the swearing in ceremony at the Royal Inns of Court, where the attendees got an earful of Doherty’s colourful language.

“I’ve never seen anyone take the oath whilst strung out on heroin with a couple of needles still sticking to his ankles. He said a few ‘f*ck you’s’ a ‘thank f*ck for that’ and was whisked out the door straight to the pub for an impromptu crack session in the bogs,” one of the judges present at the ceremony told the Daily Mail.