Afghan My Lai Massacre Another Nail in US Coffin

KANDAHAR - Afghanistan - The U.S. led NATO force was accused yesterday of winning hearts and minds again with another massacre of civilians.

“It’s just another day winning the hearts and minds of the Afghan people. We win their hearts by shooting them in the chest, and their minds by blowing their brains out all over the walls,” Colonel Deano Massacre, told Stars and Stripes magazine.

The My Lai massacre which took place during the Vietnam war was the cold blooded killing of 504 unarmed Vietnamese women and children by a small group of US soldiers. The recent killing of Afghan civilians numbers only 16 but it has the potential to have as much significance as the My Lai massacre purely because of the level of media coverage in the internet era.

The outcome of the premeditated killing of these Afghan civilians while they were sleeping, however, will probably be another whitewash in the Western mainstream media as well as the apathetic Western public.

“You must remember that Afghans are viewed as sub-human by the Western forces and media as well as the public. You kill a thousand of their women and children and no one even bats an eyelid let alone starts protesting the end of the war. People don’t protest in the West anymore. This is not the era of Vietnam where civil disobedience eventually swayed elements of the US political hierarchy to consider leaving Vietnam, although they were effectively pushed out of Saigon anyway,” political editor, John Mancuso, for the Washington Observer said yesterday.

Unfortunately for the West, they have no understanding of Muslim cultures. They think they can win against a Muslim population with selective military force and psychological warfare, but they are wrong. There is no way any Muslim populated country can ever be defeated unless every man, woman, and child is murdered. The Western forces cannot kill an ideology or the level of ingrained belief in the populations which have adopted Islam. So, unless the West is willing to nuke and kill every single person in every Islamic country, they must forget about trying to occupy or take over these countries.

The only way the West can win over all the Islamic countries they attack, is by adopting Islam themselves, and that is never going to happen, so they have effectively been defeated already.

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