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Morrissey to Play Concert in Falklands

PORT STANLEY - Falkland Isles - Pop star Morrissey is to play a historic concert on the 'Malvinas' islands, his agent, Brent Muccleswaithe, has told Melody Maker magazine.

Speaking from Buenes Aires where the star is feted as a hero, Mr Morrissey said that he was delighted to be playing at the Falkland Islands: “Heaven knows I’m miserable now, I’ve been booked to warble on a cold dank rock somewhere in the South Pacific.”

The series of concerts will include such delights as: Irish Blood, Argie Heart, Buenes Aires Dave, and Galtieri in a Coma.

“We’re sold out on the Falkland Isles, they’ll be coming from miles to hear Morrissey. The penguins absolutely adore him, and we’ve heard that instead of throwing guitar picks into the audience, the band will be throwing sardines,” Morrissey’s accountant, Celia Bet, told Melody Maker magazine.

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  1. Morrissey, besides being a top notch rocker, was also knighted for services to export and Britain's number one forces Sweetheart, taking over from Katherine Jenkins. In fact Morrissey plans a world wide tour of British bases, from Afghanistan to Belize. He sure to go down a storm, hopefully returning to the UK via Royal Wooton Basset on its day off.

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