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Prince Harry Banned From Drinking Alcohol During Apache Flights

LONDON - England - Prince Harry has been banned from drinking whisky shots whilst flying his Apache helicopter senior MoD officials have revealed.

Top brass told the partying Royal, 27, to curb his in-flight Glenfiddich addiction on the Apache pilot course — or risk being dropped from his dream of being let loose with a fully armed attack helicopter for a mass shooting spree in Afghanistan.

A source said: “He’s been told in no uncertain terms to tone down the whisky binges while he flies the Apache.”

“It is extremely entertaining watching Prince Harry fly in circles, sometimes whooshing up at high speed, zig zagging, then dipping down close to the ground terrifying his co-pilots. I think this year alone he has gone through fifteen co-pilots,” the source revealed.

Captain Wales even tried to ask MoD officers whether he could take his own butler on the flights during training in California last year.

“The Prince wanted to know if his trusty butler, Hargreaves, could come on the Apache flights but was refused by the top flight instructors. The Prince likes to be given canapes, whisky on the rocks and a good cigar whilst flying but there was not enough room for the butler because of the co-pilot,” Senior instructor, Dougie Whitehead, told the Telegraph.

The partying prince will instead have to fly the Apaches sober, which could be a very sobering thought for the young prince if he wants to ensure he can fly the deadly attack helicopters on the front line in Helmand.

As an Apache pilot he will be deployed for up to three months, operating out of Camp Bastion in the Afghan desert.

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  1. I think they should spend taxpayer's money on training the butler to be the co-pilot as well. They could also use taxpayer's money to give the butler a pay rise for the extra duties. Hell, why don't they just train the butler to do the flying for him full stop? I mean, even if Hazza is sober, he's bound to be hungover, and flying an Apache whilst having the shakes and vomiting is not a good idea either. Train the butler!!

  2. Why would they allow him to fly drunk?
    They should chuck him out. So what he's a Royal? Idiot he's endangering lives!!!

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