Surely This is the Best Actor the World Has Ever Seen

LONDON - England - The video of a grown man crying whilst watching the latest Star Wars trailer must be a showcase for possibly the best actor in the history of cinema.

Here at the Daily Squib, we have been at a loss of words, reason and satirical congress when confronted with the above video of possibly the greatest actor that has ever lived.

The video depicts a grown man literally crying in awe and joy over the new Star Wars trailer.

We suspect this man works for the Disney corp. and this is some kind of viral advertising marketing scheme that is tricking millions of people to pay attention to the new film which will be released in December.

Who is this guy? Is he not the best actor that has graced the screen? He is way beyond Olivier, and shits on De Niro.

All we know is, he is booked into a hotel. That’s it.

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