Justin Bieber Has Successful Sex Change in China

BEIJING - China - Pop starlet, Justin Bieber has had a successful sex change in the Chinese capital, his agent, Marcus Walstock, has revealed.

Millions of Bieber fans worldwide waited in anticipation for the news of their pop hero/heroine’s sex change.

The pop star was operated on at the exclusive Chinese Institute of Medical Science, where surgeons conducted the crucial operation on Bieber, working for fifteen minutes straight.

“Oh my god, I mean, like, oh my god. Oh, oh, oh my god! I mean, like, like, oh my god! Justin Bieber! Oh my god!” a Justin Bieber fan waiting outside the Beijing Marriot said to reporters covering the spectacle.

The confused surgeon in charge of the operation, professor Xiau Xin Lin, told reporters at a post op briefing that the Bieber job was not a hard one at all but was really baffling all the same.

“Well, Bieber didn’t have a penis in the first place so our job was made a lot easier. We just shaved the three pubes and the rest of the operation went pretty smoothly. We didn’t know what it was then and we don’t really know what it is now, and we’re still searching for the words to describe it.”

Bieber will resume the world tour in three weeks after a short period of convalescence.