Arnie Likes ‘Ugly Chicks’

LOS ANGELES - USA - According to a new dossier released by a Beverly Hills court, movie star and serial philanderer, Arnold Schwarzenegger likes to cohabit with ugly women.

“The uglier they are, the more horny I get. Say if they look like matrons, Russian shot putters or female weightlifters, I just can’t help myself. I have to have them,” Schwarzenegger confessed to an American tabloid newspaper on Tuesday.

Schwarzenegger is so enamoured by ugly chicks that he wants to make a new film about his obsession and is touting a script around Hollywood.

“My wife, she’s ugly, but I wanted even more. I want to see warts with hairs growing out of them, female moustaches and shoulders that you can land an aircraft carrier on. Give me Barbara Bush’s hanging stringy teats and prune skin over any luscious, pert breasted nubile young floozy any day. If they have hunchbacks, shit, that turns me on so much it does not bear thinking about. You haven’t lived until you’ve dined at the altar of one of these chicks. Just make sure you pick the sweetcorn out of your teeth afterwards,” Mr Schwarzenegger said at a recent fundraising event in Studio City.

The former governor, who has fathered fourteen children with an assortment of Mexican maids and cleaners, is currently being divorced by his wife for $230 million.