Judge Gives Himself Gagging Order

LONDON - England - An unnamed High Court judge has given himself a super-injunction gagging order, secret papers have revealed.

The judge, who presides in the High Courts, decided two weeks ago to slap a gagging order on himself so that no one finds out about his ‘extra-curricular activites’.

“He’s very upset and he does not want anyone to know about the dungeons he frequents after court sessions,” a court source told the Sun newspaper.

Already on social networking sites like Twitter, there is a buzz about who the errant judge is.

“We need to take away this veil of secrecy with gagging orders. This judge may like to be gagged and whipped by a Madam in some Westminster dungeon, but what’s he doing putting an actual gagging order on it whilst actually being gagged? I’m outraged at the hypocrisy of it all,” Lib. Dem. MP for Whittingshaw, Bernard Jenks, told the BBC from a West London brothel.

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