Berlusconi to Star in New Rocky Movie

MILAN - Italy - Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, is to star in a new Hollywood production of Rocky it was revealed after speaking to executive producer Sylvester Stallone.

“When I saw Silvio take those punches like it was nothing I thought we got a star in the making right there. Silvio is a natural for the new Rocky project, he can take punches like a true Italian fighter and keep coming back for more,” Sylvester Stallone, said of the Italian PM’s recent punch up after an appearance at a rally.

Silvio will be flown over to the studio in Hollywood next week to be prepped up for the Rocky VII movie that is set to be a box office winner.

“Not one hair on his greased up head was out of place, he took those punches with style man. Wow, I just knew I had to sign him up,” Sylvester remarked.

The new Rocky film will be set in Italy, the homeland of Rocky, it will star Silvio as an old veteran fighter who despite losing everything comes back to fight another day.

“Silvio Burlusconi would be poirfect! The spirit of Rocky is the Italian fighter who never gives up, he just goes through those moulis like a duck through frickin’ water,” a New Jersey Rocky fan told CNN after hearing the news of Silvio’s inclusion.

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