President Obama to Appear on MTV Cribs From White House

WASHINGTON DC - USA - When he's not pimpin' his ride or his wife, President Obama likes to relax in the White House gold plated jacuzzi and smoke some prime ganja whilst thinking about the next bombing campaign in the Middle East.

MTV Cribs is set to pay Barack Obama a cool $3 million for him to feature the White House in an episode that will blow all of the previous episodes of Cribs to the kerb.

“The Obama episode of Cribs will make any other low-life pimp rapper’s gold laminated house look like a goddamn carboard box underneath a bridge somewhere in the Bronx. This Crib from the White House with Obama will be the mother of all Cribs, you know what i’m sayin’?” Lou Panatanka, an MTV executive said.

Once Obama is in the White House he will put a jacuzzi in every room including the Oval room, he will have chandeliers all over the place, the best Italian marble floors shipped from Italy and will install a full size basketball court in the White House back garden.


There are even plans for his own private mosque to be built in the East Wing facing Mecca where he can perform his daily prayers in quiet solitude away from the cameras.

The Pentagon planning committee have already received plans for minarets to be built on all four points of the White House, however, this may seem to be too blatantly Islamic and may have to be cut from Obama’s overall plans for change.

“Obama is fly. Once he’s in the White House he’s going to make some serious changes.

“He’s even thinking of buying a few Hummers for the presidential driveway and a bling mobil that will make the most garish bad-taste rapper blush with embarrassment,” Mr Panatanka added.