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Kate Moss to Join Eastenders Cast

LONDON - England - Kate Moss the ex-model and aspiring actress is set to join the cast of Eastenders from next week.

The 24 year old top model is to join the famous Eastenders sitcom and has been training hard at an undisclosed location for the past few months.

“Kate has the right look for the longstanding gritty drama, we were looking for someone like her. She smokes about 80 fags a day, snorts loads of coke and has a face with the texture of a leather sofa from DFS. It was like an instant connection, she gets on with the rest of the cast like a house on fire,” Reggie Warrington, one of the senior casting directors told the TV Times.

The new addition to the cast will see the introduction of much needed glamour onto the set.

“We’ve never had anyone as glamorous and beautiful as Kate on an Eastenders set ever. Her introduction certainly will increase the prestige of our program,” a senior cast member divulged.

Rumour has it that Kate may have an important role to play in the Queen Vic pub, but you will have to wait and see for yourselves.

Kate Moss’ first appearance will be on the 10th of November.

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  1. kate should be someone on eastenders like nick cottons long lost ex- girlfriend or witney dean’s real mums sister (wineys horrid auntie!)

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