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Obama Lower Half is White?

WASHINGTON DC - USA - There has been shock amongst Obama's African American supporters because of rumours that the lower half of his body may be actually white.

“This shit is motherfu**in’ incomprehensible, I know he’s half white but not like obvious and shit. You mean he got a tiny honkey dick? Is that what you mean?” an Obama fan remarked on a radio talk show program in Atlanta on Thursday.

Well, there has been no such vulgar evidence released so far, however, many Black radio stations are mulling around the rumour that this is the reason Barack Obama is so light on his feet.

“He skinny, he walks around like he’s skipping on air, now if the brother had some serious blackness down there he would be walkin’ the walk. You know, slow and with the right attitude. Our man Obama walks like a goddamn China man, hell even Dubya got a swagger and he’s white, oh yeah, he from Texas,” DJ KC Riggs from Alabama Black Radio WBHJ-FM said on his controversial talk show this week.

The Republicans, always on the prowl for more of their dirty tricks to throw at the new ‘messiah’ have already been interviewing Obama’s previous girlfriends from his law school days.

Joan Richards who was at Harvard Law School with Barack Obama in 1988 recalls her liaison with the senator: “We would study US jurisprudence together in the library. He was a very polite boy and of course I was fascinated by black men. Well, one night after a studying session we went back to my room and we undressed. It was a shock, yes, he is white from the waist down. I could not believe it, I always heard about the rumours about African American men, well, Barack is more dinky dao..he ain’t no King Kong. I’ve seen a bigger johnson on a baby. Let’s just say it was a grave disappointment.”

Obama’s campaign advisers have been quick to counteract the vulgar rumours about the future president of the USA.

Special Hollywood walk trainers and experts in body language are being drafted in to model somekind of swagger onto Obama’s stick walk. From now on there will not be any light-footed prancing around on stage but a well honed home-boy with a true purpose and ego.

“We have drafted in the best people to coach Obama. He is also watching MTV Cribs daily to see how rappers and basketball players walk and move, those guys hold the key to Obama’s presidency, soon we’ll have him walking like Fiddy or Suge, you’ll see,” a campaign aide told CNN on Thursday.

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  1. Mr.Nightmare as you call yourself, I AM TRULY SAVED,SANCTIFIED,BAPTIZED,and FILLED WITH THE PRECIOUS GIFT OF THE HOLY GHOST!!!! I suggest you go to KIM CLEMENT.COM I don’t know what church you go to I suggest you find a bible filled church.

    See it goes beyond hell if you know your bible, after the day of judgment THEN THE LAKE OF FIRE! Make sure that your name is written in the book of life yourself! JOHN McCAIN HAS THE SAME LINKS AS OBAMA AND THE REST OF THEM, SO THAT MEANS BUSH AND McCAIN ARE THE ANTICHRISTS AS WELL.

    I know it is scary, to have a biracial man as head of state is scary. GET OVER IT!!!!! White is not always right! GOD LOVES ALL OF US!!!!

  2. Miss.Bana
    You have to be kidding me.
    We are suppose to believe you know anything about the bible at all while you try to defend the antichrist ?
    Repent women. This is no game. Hell is hot.

  3. The LORD JESUS watches everything we say and do! Please do not waste time, writing this type of garbage.It is soooooo sad when people don’t have anything on anyone, so here comes the devil stirring the pot. Please read Matthew chapter 7 verses 1-5. Psalms 105 verse 15, and Isaiah 54:15. For Psalms 105:15 GOD states: Touch not my prophet and do him no harm.

    Please be careful not to get caught up in this petty gossip! Remeber Galatians 6:7 states: YOU SHALL REAP WHAT YOU SOW!!! Believe me it will come back 10 fold!

    Be careful of your thoughts, your words, and your actions! Seriously this country has enough problems!

    Racism,Sexism,and Elitism. Not to mention the money crisis that

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