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BBC Airs New Repossession Property Show

LONDON - England - After many years of inciting people to get on the property ladder with property TV shows and home decoration shows, the bottom has finally fallen out of the market.

Location, Location, Location

Nearly every British TV channel has been airing property shows each day of the week for the past eight years. The almighty property show explosion has proved a windfall for the production companies involved as well as the commissioning stations by capitalising on the mass market hunger for property ownership.

“It is true to say that if one repeats the same mantra enough times the masses will believe it to be true. Every day and every hour the same message has been pumped into British households. We suckered them into getting those 110% mortgages and they believed us wholeheartedly because they saw what we were broadcasting — the dream they wanted,” Jamie Garrick, one of the producers for the BBC3 show Get Set Buy to Let exclaimed with a large smirk on his pockmarked face.

Repossession, Repossession, Repossession

After the populations were brainwashed into getting on the property ladder by any means possible, the carpet has been firmly swished from underneath them and now they are left with properties acquired with oversized mortgages, increasing interest rates and negative equity.

The banks who are not lending anymore, due to their own greedy profiteering which has led to the so-called “credit crunch”, are now repossessing the properties they fooled the people into buying.

BBC5 presenter John Allen talks about the new repossession show which aired last night: “The premise of the show is quite simple really. We have a camera crew following the householders around as they struggle to cope with the immense pressure of trying to stay afloat whilst mortgaged up to the hilt and trying to juggle the credit card payments.

We had one couple for the series who actually ended up losing more than their house. The husband hanged himself in the garden next to the rhododendrons that had been featured in a property show last year. A lot of the people we follow with the camera we have already featured in previous shows where we documented them buying the properties they lose in the current show.”

The new show format was a great success after airing on the Sunday evening slot,

Repossession Repossession Repossession
managed to receive 5 million viewers last night and beat the ITV1 property repossession show Losing Your Home Abroad.

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  1. I think they were filming a pilot for the auto version when the men in the tow truck came for my pick up truck. They was real gentlemen though and let me get my man’s gun rack out first.

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