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James Corden: Unadulterated Sycophancy and Praise Will Get You Everywhere

LOS ANGELES - USA - Has James Corden broken America? The gushing sycophantic brown nosing seems to have worked with the Yanks.

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“If you’re a Brit and you come over to America you gotta lick boot, and that’s why James Corden may have broken the mould of the ‘superior’ Brit thing that got people like Piers Morgan into so much trouble, especially with the gun control affair. Americans love to be buttered up, and the celebrities just want to hear about their success all the time, something the Brits don’t do and it’s all too down to earth in the UK for the Yanks. Americans don’t want reality, just hosts that sniff celebrity butt holes and tell them how great they are. Like a shameless whore, James Corden is nothing more than someone who would not be out of place in a day time life insurance commercial or selling PPI, and he’s cracked America for that very reason. When it comes to dignity, he has none, and is testament to success in the field of effusive flattery for shit loads of money,” Renfro Grechtener, a TV critic told CBS on Tuesday.

All hail James Corden, an insipid, banal, now Americanised very rich sycophant buttering up the stretch skinned platitudinous trite over-clocked plastic celebrity effluent.

6 Brits That Tried to Break America and Failed

1) Piers Morgan

2) Russell Brand

3) Oasis

4) Robbie Williams

5) Ant and Dec

6) Gary Barlow


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