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Technician: The Glaring Holes in Our Civilisation That Need to be Plugged

LONDON - England - Caught within the spasmodic equilibrium of technique, the growth and decline of civilisation is intermittent, veiling many visible holes, a seer sees.

“Civilisation is defined by the area of the world where the major advanced cities reside, where the governments keep order and security, where technology has progressed and continues its upward trajectory.

“There are however large holes in these civilisations, and the people at the top either can’t see these gaping holes or choose not to see them through their sub conscious stupor.

“These vast vulnerabilities may one day threaten the very fabric of the existence of advanced cultures and civilisations and they are so obvious to the enlightened yet hidden at the same time.

“One day, maybe someone will see the glaring holes staring at them in the face, but until such a day occurs there will be just blissful ignorance as time tiptoes towards its inevitable destination and nothing is done.”

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