Invest in Squibcoins They’re Safer

LONDON - England - Forget Bitcoins, what a disaster, how about Squibcoins? A sure fire winner in any investment portfolio.

Roll up, roll up, ‘ere we’ve got a lovely jubbly investment opportunity for all you ex-Bitcoin investors, you may have lost everything but never fret the Squib is a certain bet.

If you invest 20 pence in a Squibcoin, it could be worth 30 pence by February 2025. Now if that’s not a sure fire deal of making S loads of money my aunt’s an investment banker for Goldman Sachs.

We wanted to do an infographic about how your money would grow if you invested in Squibcoins, but we just couldn’t be arsed, and we’re sure you don’t care anyway.

I hear you saying, will my Squibcoins be safe? Of course they will, we have a special Squibcoin exchange down the pub, ah ah, can’t tell you which East London pub it is, but it’s somewhere around the cobbled dark wet streets of olde London where the lanterns are still gas fired and the sari shops stay open till late.