Starbucks Store Inside Starbucks Store Could Fit Two or Three More Starbucks Stores Says CEO

LONDON - England - As if things weren't getting bad enough already with a Starbucks store every 100 yards on every High Street in Britain, the non-tax paying coffee pedlars are now planning more stores within stores.

“The new stores will have Starbucks Extra stores within the Starbucks store, and once you’re in the Starbucks Extra store you can take an elevator up to the second floor which will have a Starbucks Extra Extra store. Of course none of these establishments will pay any UK corporation taxation but that’s neither here nor there,” CEO Johnsons Milkpaddle, said from the company’s Seattle HQ offices.

The new Starbucks stores will create more poorly paid low wage jobs in the UK to sell the overpriced syrup drinks.