Prince Charles Selling Horse Burgers From Sandringham

SANDRINGHAM - England - Prince Charles is now selling fully fledged horse burgers from the Queen's Norfolk estate, palace sources have revealed.

“I don’t want to be all hoof about this but the French have been eating horse for centuries. I eat horse every night myself, so I had a little thought in my study the other night, why not extend my Duchy range to horse meat burgers? There’s certainly a taste for it as the British people have been eating it, unknowingly I admit, for decades. They never complained once, even when they were told what they were eating,” the Prince of Wales said from the sprawling estate.

So next time you’re at a Polo game after a chukka or two, you might spy a few burgers there trotting around on the grill. Don’t worry they won’t gallop away because they’re horse burgers and dead as an errant twitch in Philip’s underpants.