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Osborne Choking Life Out of Britain's Neck

LONDON - England - Chancellor George Osborne sees Britain as one big neck that he is choking to death with his bare hands, Treasury aides have told the BBC.

“He likes nothing better then to come into the Treasury at Horse Guards Road and choke anyone that is in his way. We’ve gone through four secretaries, six personal assistants and a cleaning lady already this month. He just grabs their neck and starts choking. Exactly what he’s doing to the British people with taxes,” a worker at the Treasury, who wished to remain anonymous, disclosed to the Telegraph.

Britain, to George Osborne is a long tapering neck ripe for the choke, and with huge increases of taxation, national insurance, food and fuel costs, the British people are having the life choked from their collective neck.

“You have to work for 280 days in the year in the U.K. before you pay off the taxation and make any money for yourself. There is actually no point in trying to work or earn a high income because 66.6 per cent of your income will be taxed and given to the freeloaders at the bottom. What is the point in working hard in Britain if all your money is taken away from you? There is absolutely no impetus to better yourself and be successful. Just think, your hard earned cash which you have striven for, nearly killed yourself earning, is just taken from your pocket and given to some chav living in a million pound taxpayer funded house where they live the life of Riley,” a bankrupted, ex-business man living in a cardboard box under Waterloo Bridge, told the Evening Standard.

It is not just the high-earners who are punished in modern day Britain. Anyone on a low income is taxed at the basic rate of 40.2% including National Insurance contributions. So when you’re working your £5.25 per hour job cleaning the shit out of some poor O.A.P’s arse, think to yourself how you are really working for £3.15 per hour and that you are going to have to work for 70 hours a week just to be able to feed yourself.

Fuel tax is now 93% of the price, and to fill a mid-size car up will cost you £130. Food costs have risen to such a level that people are starving and going without food for days. You can see these poor people in impoverished areas, just staring into supermarkets and restaurants, longing for a decent meal or just some morsel to tide them over for the day.

What about the roads? Driving them these days on England’s rat packed highways, you can see the seething hatred in everyone’s eyes, and all it takes for a white van man to go psycho is some poor bastard waiting 2.5 milliseconds longer at the lights when they go amber. England’s roads are full off psychopathic nut jobs waiting to flip a fuse in their dangerous weapons they call vehicles, as they rev their engines waiting to crush anyone in their path.

The prisons are now overflowing with rioters, and soon there will be no more room for any more, as there will surely be more riots if the Chancellor keeps up with his strangle hold on the economy.

“I think the hierarchy want there to be riots because they have their bunkers to languish in for the next thirty years if need be. They will survive at all costs, because they know that the system is untenable right now. There’s nothing that can be done with the system, and no politician can fix it. They now have enough technology and level of information to discard everything else. Also, there is no way you can sustain a working British society with no resources, especially when you are getting huge influxes of poor Eastern European and African immigrants into Britain every day. Millions of people are granted free passage to come to the U.K., use its resources like the NHS and benefits, straining the already overloaded, overcrowded resources. We’re only a small island,” Russell Frost, 53, an unemployed man from East London told the Evening Standard.

As George Osborne squeezes harder and harder on the neck of Britain, he can see the veins bulging and he clenches his teeth to choke the life out of the economy. He does not want enterprise, he wants death, he wants riots, you and I are not worthy for him.

Britain needs nurturing, not strangulation.

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