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Obama Economy: How Did It Come to This?

WASHINGTON DC - USA - It used to be the world's richest nation. Now if it does not raise its debt ceiling to $20 trillion by August 2, the country will go bust and default.

“So much for the stimulus and QE. Obama has bankrupted the USA, of course, with a lot of help from the former president George W Bush, but Obama did not help, he did not remedy the situation like he could have, instead, he made it worse,” senior economist, Jeb Weinstein, told CBS news.


The world’s equity markets could drop by 30% in the next few days unless Boehner and Obama come up with a bipartisan deal.

“Boehner’s got Obama by the balls with this debt ceiling, but I want to ask you guys, how the heck did we get in this mess in the first place? Obama says that social security checks won’t be sent out soon because America is bankrupt. Are you seriously trying to tell me that we are that close to the edge?” John Hammer, 67, a retired engineer from Colorado, told CNN.

Questions need to be asked as to how America got to this stage of immediate default? Who gave the president permission to fritter away trillions of dollars into a seemingly endless black hole? Where is the cash? Someone, somewhere has to know the answers to these questions.

While China has a surplus of cash, they do not know what to do with their buckets of money, America is struggling, it is falling slowly off the precipice, entrenched in three perpetual wars, no jobs, and with a president in debt denial.

Obama’s socialist dream is in tatters today, he had a vision, and he spent other peoples money to try and fulfil his dream, which of course never materialised. This is the same dream that all socialists have, by using other peoples money, however, soon enough, that money runs out, then what?

Check Mate

President Obama’s Marxist dreams about introducing things like social healthcare to an American system, and other pet projects, have bankrupted America. He has in effect castrated the nation, and now there is a check mate situation with no where to go. It is a sad end to a once great country, which is now so polarised and split that there could even be another civil war soon.

“People are angry that our once great nation has been hijacked by this person. We don’t yet know who Obama is, where he came from and who indoctrinated him. Who writes his teleprompter script? Certainly, without it, he is a lost puppy, a naive inexperienced little man with no f*cking cojones. Someone needs to take the reins from this loser and get us back on track,” Freddy Klusterphuck, 45, a man from Wisconsin told a local radio station.

Pack of cards

The fact is, that the U.S. economy is one big Ponzi scheme, and that is the reason why Bernie Madoff got away with his tricks for so long. The people in power knew what he was doing, because THEY were doing the same thing, except they were making the laws up. Sooner or later, the game is up for Ponzi schemes because they are not sustainable unless they keep on attracting large contributions, they eventually collapse, and this is what is going to happen to the U.S. economy. Whatever the deal is this week, rest assured that even if the U.S. raises taxes sharply and cuts all welfare funding, it will still be insolvent and will not be able to service its huge debt interest bill alone. It is too late to avert inevitable default.


“The Middle East sucked America in for a reason. They are playing the long game, after all, they’ve had thousands of years to perfect their strategies. What has America had? They’ve only been a nation for 200 odd years. This is why America is f*cked. They have been meddling in the affairs of nations and cultures that have been around for many thousands of years, the sheer arrogance of the U.S. has finally been brought forward, and they will pay a huge financial price for their idiocy. The people who planned America’s demise want it to be entrenched in the Middle East, the longer the U.S. is there the better it is for them. They have all the time in the world. George W Bush and his little Republican brainwashed blinkered insular Neanderthals were suckered into the wars for a reason — to eventually bankrupt America. Unless they kill every man, woman and child in Muslim countries, they will never defeat them, instead, they are the ones being defeated because every day they are spending billions of dollars in losing wars. You cannot defeat Islamic nations. One would have thought that these morons would have read a little Machiavelli,”  Charles Fortnoy, a retired history lecturer living in Somerset told the Financial Times.

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