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Norway Massacre: Revealed Twisted Killer's 15-Page Sick Manifesto of Murder

OSLO - Norway - As the death toll from his shooting and bombing spree in Norway stood at 93, mass murderer, Anders Breivik revealed the 15-page manifesto that has created so much hatred and discord in the whole of Europe.

“It’s pure evil and every day it creates more fear, hatred and stirs up terrible trouble in Europe and Middle England, endangering lives and creating immense discord amongst the population, yes, it’s called the Daily Mail, and it spouts out so much terror and bile that it is my extreme right-wing manifesto for the next hundred years,” Anders Breivik, told a Norwegian judge in court yesterday.

According to reports, Breivik was first exposed to a copy of the Daily Mail when he was at Euston train station in London and had stopped at a newsagent to browse.

“He had just stopped at the shop to look around, and he told us he was stopped in his tracks by this awesome fearmongering headline that was written purely to create hatred for some minority group that was frankly pretty inconsequential. He paid the brown-skinned man some money and picked up the 15-page manifesto to take back to Norway. He was immediately converted and wanted to use the Daily Mail as a manifesto for his future plans,” Jurgen Schlipf, his lawyer, told the Norwegian press.

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