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Obama and Boehner Both on Summer Vacation

WASHINGTON DC - USA - The president and house speaker both decided to take their summer holidays and left the capital city yesterday.

“I need a long break,” House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) told CNN before leaving for the Hamptons. He was spotted at Washington’s Dulles airport dragging his feet onto a private jet yesterday evening.

President Obama and his family, with an entourage of 80 vehicles, have left for Hawaii again, and will enjoy a four week stay costing the U.S. taxpayer $34 million.

“The president is leaving Washington for the Summer. He has frankly had it up to here with all the golf playing and is seriously bored with the mediocre courses around the capitol. Hawaii has some amazing courses,” the only White House aide staying behind revealed.

The debt ceiling can wait as congress and the senate call time on a long hard battle to try and rescue the U.S. economy from default.

“Frankly we don’t care anymore. I know I’ve got a pool and a deckchair waiting for me. I’m going to get a good paperback, sit back and relax,” another congressman, Roger Piles, (D-RI) told CBS political analyst, Anal Spitzer, on Wednesday.

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