U.S. to Mint Weimar Republic Dollars

WASHINGTON DC - USA - The Federal Reserve is going to change its currency to depict images from Germany's Weimar Republic, Timothy Geithner, secretary of the Treasury, has announced.

“During the recently announced Quantitative Easing program, we have decided to redesign the dollar forever. Because of the accelerated hyperinflation that will occur after the economy is flooded with dollars, the banknotes will reflect the Weimar Republic of Germany in the 1920’s as a symbol of what is to come.

“We will soon see people going to the shops with suitcases of dollars to buy everyday groceries, we will see queues stretching for miles at the soup kitchens, we will see many zeroes on the end of price tags for everyday goods. This will be the reality of the American Weimar economy,” Timothy Franz Geithner, who is of German descent, told the Economist magazine.

From next month, there will be no more Washington or Franklin, but instead a Weimar Republic note which will start in the billions and end in the trillion dollar denomination.

Each billion dollar note will be worth about 10 Yuan according to top economists consulted during the mass QE program that is currently under way.