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I'm A Celebrity X-Factor Dancing Britain's Got Big Master Brother Chef Talent

LONDON - England - There's about to be a new reality/talent/dance show coming to channels: ITV1, ITV2, ITV3+1, ITV4+2, all Sky channels and the BBC next week.

The new show called “I’m A Celebrity X-Factor Dancing Britain’s Got Big Master Brother Chef Talent” will be aired on all terrestrial, digital and satellite channels simultaneously 24 hrs a day for the next thirty or forty years, TV executives excitedly revealed yesterday.

“This new show will have stuff on there that you’ve always seen before. You will not have any choice but to watch the new show because there will not be anything else on any channels ever again,” Jon Winnit, an executive for ITV4 revealed to Media Week.

The new format will include a list of celebrities who no one has ever heard of and other churned up celebrity has-been meat that needs a fourth attempt at reality stardom and a new agent.

“When it comes to entertainment, this show is going to be the dogs bollocks. You’ll never want to leave your home ever again, let alone your f*cking sofa. Forget about working or thinking about how you’re going to pay the mortgage, just watch the telly and shut the f*ck up,” Mr Winnit added.

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