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Apple Welcome in UK NOT in EU


The EU Commission’s ruling that the Apple computer company is liable for an £11 Billion tax bill is another sign that the European Union is blind to decent economic practice and is desperately scrabbling around in the dark.

EU competition commissioner, the devoutly socialist, Margrethe Vestager said Ireland should recoup €13bn plus interest in unpaid taxes due between 2003 and 2014 after illegal aid stretching back 25 years.

It is to this end that Britain should invite Apple to do business within the United Kingdom and we should become a safe haven to the economic madness of the EU.

If the UK plays its cards right and makes Britain an attractive viable alternative to the EU, we will thrive even more, and the EU will be left with egg on their face with their anti-business policies.

The uncompetitive nature of the EU stifles business and innovation. Its trade deals are protectionist rackets that stifle true international global business.

Under a Conservative government, large companies like Google, Apple and Amazon should be feted to do business in the UK and not unjustly punished by the unelected eurocrats as the EU is planning.

The EU has shot itself in the foot once again by seeking to punish Apple and this action will seal their doom further.


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