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HOT: Were You at the RNC Young Turks Infowars Roast?

CLEVELAND - USA - American internet based news thuggery got off to a wonderful poignant start yesterday when two rivals met.

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Republican National Convention Dysfunction

On the left were the Young Turks, and on the right Alex Jones.

These two so-called media establishments are American staples in low quality trigger politics, and in Alex Jones’ case conspiracy provocation. Americans thrive on the lowest common denominator of shouting the news. For a population of predominantly low IQ idiots, this is the height of intelligent discourse.


The well orchestrated attack by the Infowars Jones team was captured on camera and is thoroughly entertaining.

In tow were the ladies, on the left Ana Kasparian wearing a red dress, and Infowars favourite Lee Ann Mcadoo. To see them hurling insults at each other certainly added a sensation in the underpants, especially with the sexy Ana and Lee Ann. One would have wished for them to suddenly jump at each other and tear their clothes off in wild abandon. Unfortunately, that never happened.

There were no punches thrown although at one point it looked close.

Fighting over ratings and viewership is a staple pastime amongst these two rivals, and it is a pity they do not put more time into improving the quality of their shows.

Infowars is basically a lowly news aggregator much like the thieving Drudge Report, and the Young Turks is an opinion based aggregator where they comment on any given story mostly garnering YT hits from sex related stories. None of them create their own work. None of them are creative individuals but are senseless egotistical American banal thugs peddling other peoples work and making it their own in a shouty lowly way.

A news aggregator, also termed a feed aggregator, feed reader, news reader, RSS reader or simply aggregator, is client software or a web application which aggregates syndicated web content such as online newspapers, blogs, podcasts, and video blogs (vlogs) in one location.

When I say thugs, I mean these people are uncouth thieves of other peoples reportage. They take and do not give. Granted they make a very good living out of what they do, because the American people have no standards when it comes to media and accept any old detritus.

Sell enough shit, and people eventually like shit. They do not know the difference.

Well, the thuggery worked, they got people talking about them, and their ratings may have another boost, and their advertisers will like that.


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  1. Jones is the “conspiracy theorist”, and perhaps a pain in the ass, but at least he can control himself and is not a temper tantrum-throwing, potentially violent sociopath as Uygur and Kasparian show themselves to be. Like most leftists.

    (Not to mention the fact that at least we have some REAL diversity in American media, as opposed to the PC leftist line you people have to pay taxes for to support in the BBC.)

    • Hardly anyone watches the Biased Broadcasting Company anymore. I personally am disgusted with the BBC and have refused to pay the TV licence since 1992.

  2. Drudge is not an aggragator . Matt Drudge is one of the greatest journalists in the world today. Go to hell .

  3. So, either they don’t create their own work, or they do, and you just reported on said work.


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