Forex Banker Rigged Own Pay Packet

LONDON - England - A foreign exchange trader has been given a large bonus for rigging his own pay packet by his bosses, the BBC reports.


“He not only rigged the Forex markets but rigged his own bonus package and pay. We rewarded this trader with an even larger bonus because he showed serious initiative. Regulators were told to shut the fuck up and paid off,” Miles Andrew, head of foreign exchange trading at AMRO bank told newspapers.

There have been calls for bankers to have their bonuses regulated, but these were rigged as well, and regulators were simply given a big pay off to keep the matter quiet.

“Free money, and you can bet your bottom dollar that I make more in five minutes than you make in a whole year. Now piss off you insignificant barnacle,” a trader on the floor said when questioned about the practice of rigging the markets.